BMC Elettrica deals with processing for third parties and full account of electrical and electronic equipment and intervenes in sectors such as textile machinery, transfers, presses, vending machines, steel industry, complete plants for aluminium extrusion and foundries. On request, thanks to its flexibility, it is able to produce small or large production lots as prototypes for trade fairs.

BMC Elettrica produces individual and complex wiring, onboard machine pre-wiring, PLC connectors, with the aid of automatic machines for cutting, ink-jet numbering and automatic crimping of the terminals.

Within the company the technical study, composed of specialised personnel supported by advanced technology, carries out various projects with electric CAD EPLAN Pro Panel, develops automation software using the leading brands in the sector.


BMC Elettrica has equipment such as: tester for checking pre-wiring, dynamometers for calibrating presses and tightening screws and clamps (according to current regulations) and systems for ESD protection. All this in order to guarantee production quality by minimising the margin of error and thereby meeting the customer’s needs.

BMC Elettrica, convinced that professionalism and safety are the basis of a valid product, carefully follows all the regulations and certifications in force. A concrete investment in human resources reaps the rewards in terms of reliability and awareness: we have written procedures to follow to perform end-of-production checks and tests that are tracked and stored using a checklist linked to the individual operator, which is automatically saved on the company server. Each of our production processes follows precise rules to reach absolute quality levels. BMC Elettrica is also authorised to certify electrical panels according to UL/CSA regulations for the US/Canadian market.

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